Asking for trouble..

Episode 1:

Vyas and his cousins were watching an IPL match and refused to budge from the place. It was well past their usual bedtime.

Me: Vyas, its time. You can catch the highlights tomorrow morning.

Vyas: Ammaaaaa! Holidays you know! We want to watch it live.

Me: (after a little while): Vyas, go hit the bed! Its time!

Vyas: OK.

(disappears into the bedroom and comes back in less than 40 seconds)

Vyas: I did.

Me: What?!!

Vyas: I hit the bed. Twice.

Appa is literally ROTFL-ing! J.O.K.E it seems!

Episode 2:

The school has handed out a few sheets of holiday homework… no boring stuff .. It has a crossword, some puzzles and English, Hindi brush-up.. Vyas and his cousin Keshav (they are just two months apart )have been extra noisy this holidays. Keshav has relocated to Chennai from Saudi this year. To shut them up, I reminded about the holiday homework and promised to make another copy of the sheets for Keshu too so he can brush up before the school re-opens.

The two exchanged meaningful glances and,

Vyas: Ok da Keshu. Come, let us write. Don’t forget to pick up a brush da.

Keshu: What are you saying da?

Vyas: Amma says, we need to brush up.. you get it?

This time Keshu does ROTFL-ing, a little jig, and they both tap, clap and boo me!

More ruckus with the little BEE joining in! BRATS!

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