Now or never?

This blog is becoming a chronicle of the little V only, so much for his growing up!

Went to a christmas/New-year party at his ‘payshkool’ y’day. The teacher and her assistants greeted everyone with their Santa-cap and had one ready for the kids too.. Most kids wore the hats happily. But not our man-of-moods. We gave up after a little persuasion. Varun entered another room where the food was arranged on two tables.. He saw the juice cans and wanted to take one right then.

Me: Its only for the kids who wear the cap.

Varun: Ok. (And let us place the cap on his head and rushed back to the room to pick his juice)

Me: Nooo.. not now.. A little later, after everyone comes.. There’s going to be a party (amma’s efforts at educating him on party ‘ethics’ :))

Varun: Juice vaendaam (promptly removed his cap, declaring he did not want the juice!)

His latest ‘petering’

Pointing at the picture of a crow in a story book, he corrected me calling a crow a crow and said: “Amma, No. That’s *kakkas”

*Tamil for crows

What is missing is a tail!

Paatti’s (MIL) heart melts every time Varun calls her ‘paatti, paatti’ (say it to the tune of an ambulance siren, the reason why the heart has to melt every time:)). Every time she kneads the chappathi dough, he has to witness it and would compose the background score for the kneading finale – dhoppu, dhoppu- when she bangs the kneaded dough on a flat surface (her secret for soft phulkas) several times. Well, this time though, the fellow chose to empty a sombu (a small pot like container) of water right on the kneaded dough, much to her chagrin. paatti must’ve been close to tears, methinks! The dough was back in shape after patting in a lot more dry flour into it! She promptly declared that he was more than a handful, only to invite him again, and again, and again on the following days when the same chore was performed. Appreciate your trust and faith on the little one paatti!

The other day, the recalcitrant brat brought himself an utensil from the kitchen, a large urli type one, and the unsuspecting grands watched him merrily pee right into it. He was done even before they could react! and to compound to paatti’s woes, he promptly fetched her white towel (which she so loves), wiped off the utensil, and also mopped the floor! Anyone calling in to speak to her had to endure her tales of woe first and then set about with their side of stories, and this effect lasts atleast for a week.

Such is life for the old folks at the V-house!!

Diwali is not over yet!

One of Varun’s fav breakfast combo is poooyee – chaach (poori and tomato sauce). After he is done with the pooris, you’ll find him licking away the last bit of sauce on his fingers.

The scene however was a little different this morning. He got hold of a long straw from a broom and diligently dipped one end of it in the left over tomato sauce, faked lighting a cracker with the right arm stretched forward and the left behind, his knees bent at that angle. He apparently set fire on that apocryphal cracker and backed away. And there, the crackers went damaal, dimeel, damaal. Virtually. Several times.

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