A catch-up post:)

Varun wants to change from his shorts to a pair of jeans. It is 8 PM and he has already had his dinner. When trying to reason that its almost time to hit the bed, he explains politely that he is going to sing – Why this kolaveri di! How can he sing with a shorts? Some things don’t change!

Amma wants to make the most of this and so strikes a deal with the brat. I extract a promise. Actually, a couple of promises.

1. “I promise to wear shorts to school tomorrow”. He religiously repeats.
2. “I promise to wear a smiling face to school and stay that way the whole day”.

No time is wasted bargaining, and the fella readly agrees.

Now, how can the anna not have a say in such serious matters ? He extracts a promise from his thambi like this:

Varun, repeat what I say. “I swear by the River Styx, that I shall be nice. To purify a God’s symbol of power from human/demigod touch, it must be washed in person in the River Lemnos”.

I told you. Some things NEVER change!

PS: Have loads of catching-up to do. Missed reading all your blogs. Coming, coming:)

After sometime- a bad idea

Varun: Amma, I want juice (this is just after gulping down a cup of it)

Amma: Not now. konja neram aanapparam, ok? (after sometime, ok?)

Varun: umm. Sari ma. (“ok ma”- says it very sweetly and turns away.)

Varun: (Exactly after 4 seconds)Amma, ippo thariya? Konja neram aayiduthu. (Will you give now. Some time is over)

Process repeat rinse repeat for anything and everything for which I try buying time.

Something very important..

The most pressing doubt at the grand-old age of 9:

How can one marry his/her classmate? I don’t know if Vyas has someone in mind even as he is asking this.. The origin of the doubt is of course Ron and Hermione getting married.

He has other minor take-aways from this movie too. He claims that he can speak parsel tongue as efficiently as Harry. He challenges me to a dialog and goes:

haaaaahaaai…… thaeh… aiii…..knowwwwwwwww…….uuuuu…..knoooowwwww……whouuuuuuu

Remember to read the whole thing with a whooossh sound, hiss as much as possible, and space out the words as much as possible.

The house has been resonating with this or the charms and spells, specially when i remind him of anything remotely connected to school!

Enjoy the weekend ye all nice people!!