Kids and lateral thinking

With kids around, you always wish there is an intelligent camera focused on them and capturing those right moments!

My friend JC and her tiny 3 yr old drama-king, Harish make a wonderful mom-son pair. If the little fellow is not sleeping, he surely is at something! They were at a game of naming things and here’s a recap of the conversation between.

Harish: Name a living thing.

JC: Elephant. Name a Flower.

Harish: Roja (rose). Numbers?

JC: Three zero – Thirty. Living thing?

Harish: Elephant.

JC: Hey.. I named the elephant already. Try naming some other animal.

Harish: No way! You named a big elephant. I named the kutti-elephant (the calf).

JC: ##???!!!?!?!

Now that is some lateral thinking I say!


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