Guns of (Na)Varun

Much to the mommy’s chagrin, the little man fancies guns among other things. He also thinks shooting is kinda cool 😦 When I try and make him see how it is all wrong, he is quick to clarify that there is good shooting and bad shooting. When police aims at the thieves or the ‘bad mens’, it is good shooting. When ‘bad mens’ shoot police or at the ‘good peoples’, well , it is bad shooting. Phew!

The sacrifice mommy has made so far includes a brand new Oriflame kajal stick. The kajal now adorns the walls as ‘black- arts’, and the case is now a part of the many pieces of random objects that go into assembling a gun. Yes, he has taken a fancy to making guns, mostly using clothes clips, pen caps, twigs, legos, et al. Here are some pics of what he created. Mommy now thinks guns need not always be lethal, but can just be beautiful.









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