School Stories

The six year old sometimes stumps us like a 16 year old..  Arguments, logics, thy name Varun.

He seems to be a big fan of shopping online, though we haven’t got a single toy for him online. For instance, he suddenly seems to think bracelets are cool on boys and has been pestering me to buy one. “Ma, check on”. I feign checking and tell him it isn’t available. “Okay, check on Flipkart. Else see on Snapdeal. Or on Ebay”, he adds. And these sites are getting poor ratings from my boy because they don’t stock bracelets.. Bad portals, I say!

The other day, he was generally being nice and asked me to show how I whatsapp his friend V’s mom. I did. The next thing I know is that he has clicked a selfie and has whatsapped it to that mom with a note that it was meant for his friend V. In an another instance, he whatsapps me from my co-bro’s mobile stating that ‘Vidya is a waste’. The reason can be attributed to the 100s of denials of the 1000s of demands he makes. He has whatsapped my friend’s son appreciating him on a recitation. He is the self-proclaimed *anna to that little boy and so thinks it is his place to acknowledge and encourage talent. I like that 🙂

When he wants his dad or me to get him something, the sentence almost always starts with: “Ma/Pa, I want to ask you something. But I’m sure you will say NO”. We politely tell him not to waste his breath. We are nice like that.

IMG_0832He has acquired some taste for Hindi and often experiments. He said, “Mein baath nahin karunga”. I had no clue why he was miffed. So I ask him, ‘Kyon? Kya hua?”. “Baath naheeeen”, he emphasised. “Water chill hai”, he added. It dawned on me a few seconds later that he was referring to the English word ‘bath’. And thus, our Hindi trysts continue.

He adores his friend’s baby brother and wonders why he was not born first so a baby bro or sis would’ve followed. He asks if he will ever have one. I tell him, I will only be a grandmother next and that he could cuddle the baby of my close friend C and that of another friend D who will pop in a few months.

The moment he wakes up, he emerges out of the bedroom, bowling like Ravinchandran Ashwin, but without the ball. His action is a perfect imitation of the said bowler. He is miffed that cricket camps in school or elsewhere wouldn’t take in 6 year olds.. “Not fair”, he mutters.

And in the most happening of the school events, he has found his first puppy love. A little girl called S, to whom our man has been blowing kisses and is not getting kissed in return. He has illustrated his love in his rough note book as well.  And I thought some lessons in love could wait.. Boys!

PS: anna- Tamizh for bro

Love stories

Seething with rage and teary eyed, I held out a chit to my mom. On it was written: “I Love You. Sajju”! This was when I was 7 or 8 maybe! Just before our summer vacations began. The anger hit a new peak when my mom laughed so much that she was in tears and then said it was OK to be loved! The flame must have died very soon for I do not remember seeing Sajju when I was back after the holidays..

A couple of weeks back, Vyas shared a secret which brought back old memories. Including the one above.

Vyas: Amma, I want to tell you something. In your ears.

Me: Oh sure. What is it?

Vyas: Come closer. Promise not to tell appa.

Me: Ummm.. tell me first:-)

Vyas: Sayuj loves Sanjana! (covers his mouth with his tiny hand and giggles)

Me: Really? Good. So?

Vyas: Says he will marry her!

Me: Oh? So soon?

Vyas: Yessu (a stressed ‘yes’ that is!). But Sailesh also loves Sanjana.

Me: (love triangle already?!!) Oh, good. It is nice to love. You must love everyone.

Vyas: You don’t understand. It is not that love (its hush hush conversation still..).

Me: To love, is to like someone dear. I love you. Appa loves you. You love Varun pappa. Keshu loves you. Aashi loves you. I love your friends.. Understand?

Vyas. No, but Apramey says it is not that love. This is different. Something silly.

Me: Yeah, if you say so!

To Vyas:Kanna, I did not tell appa. I just blogged for everyone to read. Promise.

Merry Christmas to you all!!

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