This mommy is guilty but without feeling so.

Uma is evil:) She has not only showed her wily self by putting herself first before Pattu, but goes one step further and tags a few innocent moms to confess similar (or worse) guilt:)

Now tell me this.. Are angry moms a pleasant sight? I think they are the most unpleasant ones! And this mommy is the angriest ever if the tummy is grumbling.. The moment I reach home from work- which is usually at around 7.15 PM, the first thing I do is to have a quick wash, head straight to the kitchen and help myself to my dinner. All the cuddling and kissing can wait.. On the days I reach late, the thatha and paatti also ensure that the boys stay out of my way:) And no, am not exaggerating!

This way, the home-work routine for Vyas which takes a max of 15 mins, gets done without any tantrums on either side.. The boys are happy too as long as they are not asked to have dinner.

Then, there are the books.. The V-house uses the library membership to the fullest.. After we (the boys and I) pick the books and hand it at the counter for the librarian to make an entry, we always find that we’ve over-borrowed. So, I knock off few from the boys quota:) If Varun or Vyas throw a tantrum and refuse to let go, they are given the choice of staying back in the library to finish reading those books.. I either wait (and spend some time reading fun, crap, or gossip columns from magazines:)) or offer to pick them up after an hour:) They mostly let go.

I rarely watch TV.. But, on a rare day, if I want to catch up on a movie, they boys have to fore-go their fav program.. I have also bribed Varun with candies and get their dad to keep the boys off my hair for a while:)

This mommy also likes catching up on a movie in the theatre with her friends during a weekend…. The 3 boys have their own fun without me around and that suits me.. I take Vyas along if its a movie he can watch (read HP).. But there have been occasions like the one where he bawled (a long time ago) in protest of my hopping into a roller-coaster ride and the giant wheel, or on an outing with my friends.. I think it is important for me to let my kids know that while I’m always there for them to cheer, defend or pamper, I’d want them to also know that I have a life and I’d LIVE it… Oh well, but that’s another tangent, and perhaps a subject for another post.. Hey Uma, thanks for the tag..

So, absolutely no guilt-pheelings:)

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