Assignments, Projects, Here we come!

Varun’s first school assignment, which amma did with the constant threat of the little one holding a handful of sketch pens over the chart, ready to doodle on it any minute.. He settled for another ‘quarter’ after some cajoling. Quarter chart I mean!

My Family
My Family- Grands, 3 paternal aunts, a paternal uncle, and a maternal aunt, with anna, mom & dad of course!

Forgive the poor Picasa edit effects.. The pics were a color print of a collage on a thick A-4 sheet.

Vyas’s had to do a model of one of the man-made wonders.. I was insisting on the Forbidden city, but he wanted to keep-it-simple and opted for the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Materials used: A 1 liter water bottle (a straight one, not too narrow at the mouth), 3 bricks of off-white moulding clay, few tooth-picks, a saree-box or puzzle-box cover or anything flat for the base, and fevicol glue.


1. Stuff the empty bottle with bits of waste paper to keep it tight and heavy.
2. Dot the glue lavishly on the outer surface and start patting the clay and spread using finger pressure.
3. Even out the surface using a rolling pin.
4. Roll out thin ‘snakes’ like Varun calls it, and make arch shapes.. There seem to be around 8 floors in the actual building. So 8 floors of arched shapes.
5. Layer the floors by making a ring and pinch them to make it flat. Make sure you keep dabbing the glue at all the stages where you do the sticking..
6. Slide or stick 2/3 tooth-picks between the arched shapes to give a ‘pillar’ appearance.
7. Fix the tower now onto a base with a little more clay on one side of the bottom and incline it slightly.

And you have the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

After we were done, the fellow remembered the following morning that it was a group activity and another girl had volunteered to make one and had also brought one. But was quick to add that it was an out-sourced project and was done for her brother the previous year!! And so, it does not count it seems!! Brat! Well, we enjoyed doing it though!

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