A Padi-kolam

Here is a padi-kolam (a rangoli) that i did for my SIL’s house-warming function..

The four bent sides as seen in the pic below forms the basis of what is called the ‘iyengar’ padi-kolam- basically a rangoli that has no dots..

I love these variety of rangolis for two reasons- (i) it lets your imagination take the lead and you can extrapolate the design in any which way you want..(ii) the dots i make on the floor always end up like the world map and are never aligned the way it is intended to be! In most South Indian-brahm homes, you’ll find the dot-less rangolis during festivals or functions like weddings, house-warming etc.. They look best when done with wet rice flour (soaked and ground to a very thin consistency). The one you see here is with dry kolam-maavu made from washed and dried rice. They look nice with colors too..