Peter Varun- Mar-2012

1. Amma, thundah is coming (thunder- on hearing a loud banging noise from the neighbour’s)

2. This soap is my! (for ‘this soap is mine..’)

3. No painful.. (In response to my glare on his jumping down from the bed)

4. Painful no! (When I continued glaring 🙂 An attempt to correct the mistake in the above sentence :-))

5. Auto-diver go beach? (He, the auto-driver, offers to take me to the beach)

6. Wow! Passion fruit!! (On seeing me cut a papaya.. He knows, but has to show he knows ‘passion’)

I graduated!
I graduated!
Btw, did i tell you guys that he graduated from his play school? And this is how we wore the graduation cap his teacher so lovingly made!

Now or never?

This blog is becoming a chronicle of the little V only, so much for his growing up!

Went to a christmas/New-year party at his ‘payshkool’ y’day. The teacher and her assistants greeted everyone with their Santa-cap and had one ready for the kids too.. Most kids wore the hats happily. But not our man-of-moods. We gave up after a little persuasion. Varun entered another room where the food was arranged on two tables.. He saw the juice cans and wanted to take one right then.

Me: Its only for the kids who wear the cap.

Varun: Ok. (And let us place the cap on his head and rushed back to the room to pick his juice)

Me: Nooo.. not now.. A little later, after everyone comes.. There’s going to be a party (amma’s efforts at educating him on party ‘ethics’ :))

Varun: Juice vaendaam (promptly removed his cap, declaring he did not want the juice!)

His latest ‘petering’

Pointing at the picture of a crow in a story book, he corrected me calling a crow a crow and said: “Amma, No. That’s *kakkas”

*Tamil for crows

Another *Peter in the making

These days, its common to find Varun *’peter-vuttufying’. For instance, “Amma, waataavu dooving?” is something he likes to say often. Translation: Amma, what are you doing?

A convo

Amma: Varun is a ….?

Varun: Gubboy! (good boy!)

Amma: Varun is a very…?

Varun: very very gubboy!

Amma: Varun, where is the door?

Varun: It ees yeer (It is here- shows the door)

Amma:Very good! Where is the chair?

Varun: It is yeer! (points at the chair). Ummmm.. Where is the baashket? (eying his school basket, which is placed next to his anna’s lunch basket)

Amma: You tell me.

Varun: It is yeer! very very good!

Amma/Varun: clap! Clap!

Varum: Ummm.. Where is ‘innoru’ baashket? (looks at his anna’s basket. innoru- another:))

We have a laugh! And just then, the dad walks-in.

Amma: Where is appa?

Varun: It is yeer!!

PS: * Tamil slang mocking at people speaking in English..

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