Tat Tvam Asi – That thou art..


1. Hi Sanskrit, bye Hindi

2. There’s a standing instruction to Vyas to fill/re-fill himself a glass of water before he sits down for his breakfast/lunch/dinner.. And 5 out of 10 times, he forgets..

Vyas: Maa, can you fetch me a glass of water?

Me: Self-help is the best help. Go, get it yourself (ya, amma trying to outdo the son’s laziness )

Vyas: *Manava seva, Madhava seva! Now, please ma, a glass of water?

*Service to fellow humans is equal to serving the lord.. Our man plays on ‘Manava’ pun (Sanskrit and manav- Hindi, for student)


An intentional error

Anya Purushaha (All men) becomes Anyaaya Purushaha (Unjust men). For once, I agree 😉

An unintentional error

Gardabaha (donkey) becomes garbaha (pregnant?)

Peter Varun

1. Ma, I’m lub you.

2. I’m bournvita milk.

3. I’m auto.

4. I’m angry/happy/sad

5. I’m cry.

6. I’m fast (I’ll ride fast, I’ll eat fast etc..)

Yes. THAT, thou art!

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