Kavithe, Kavithe!

Sharing pics of what Vyas wrote in one of his prep classes in school for Young Learners Test (conducted by British Council). And the fella had not shown me what he’s been learning/writing in this program. On the day before the YLE test, I ransacked his folder and found this sheet!

Attempt 1- on Friends/Friendship
Attempt 1- on Friends/Friendship

To spare you some ‘squinting-grunting’ effort:

Friends are the best companies for life
Reading books, chatting together,
Interesting fun and frolic
Enjoy and stick together,
Never always shout at each other
Denser! Your friendship grows.

Says he tried hard to string the lines nicely and make it rhyme, but felt bored to rework!

Attempt 2- on any object
Attempt 2- on any object

Down the road
Bounces the ball
All so bright
And shiny overall
Bounces so freely
Without stopping at all.

This one, I looouved:)

A poetry-writing activity in the class! When asked if he enjoyed writing it (think of the stupid questions asked for the Ms/Mr.India contest), our man had to say this: “Wish I could time-travel. I want to meet the person whoever wrote the first poem and ask why the hell he started it! You have to think so much in so little time!”. [Rolls his eyes!] Bandha party!