Potpourri – Home made

It was one of the holiday assignments for Vyas.. The first batch of leaves, flowers, lemon/orange peels turned black with fungus when we tried to dry them.. So we trashed it and started all over again and this is what we did:


Flowers used- Few roses (2-3 varieties), jasmine, magnolia (sampangi?)
Leaves – Lemon, mint, tulsi, corn earns
Peels/Vegs – Orange, lemon, a baby corn, the center of a capsicum with the seeds intact
Spices – Cloves, cardomom, cinnamon, fennel seeds
Oil – Few drops of Rose and Sandalwood oil each


1. Put all the ingredients (other than the oil), together in a large bowl and leave it for a day so it becomes limp
2. Shade dry them for 3-4 days
3. When dry, put them in a bowl and add few drops of rose and sandal oil and toss them lightly
4. Arrange them neatly in a bowl and adorn any spot in your house..

Tips: The corn, corn ears, capsicum etc are for mere decoration.. The orange peel can also be cut like a flower and dried.. Use your imagination and turn just about anything into a potpourri ingredient!


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