Those Vacations!

My cousin Shankar was one great entertainer during our school/college days. Without saying it in as much words, he showed how easy it was to enjoy life and derive pleasure from small blessings. With him around, non-stop entertainment was guaranteed!

Small time gossips, fun cooking (making bhel poori, cutlets, veg tikkies), polishing brass lamps, a dozen of us watching movies after movies through the night with snacks and tea to keep us awake, arranging road trips from Chennai to Vaidheeswaran temple or to Mundanthurai, taking a dip at every stream on our way, taking us for a night show to watch the movies Mackenna’s Gold, Fast Forward, Where Eagles Dare and few others for the nth time, making us sing ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’ or ‘Ra Ra Rusputin’, getting us listen to K.J Yesudass’s rendering of ‘Thayee Yeshoda’, fooling us with his recorded speech mimicking Karunanidhi (or was it Anna Durai?), and playing a game of cards for hours together like there was no tomorrow! We’d never know how to be sad with him around! But all this came at a price. We had to make several cups of filter-coffee for him. He derived a great kick in yanking us from the couch and shoving one of us girls into the kitchen to make him that coffee. We feigned anger and heaped curses for tormenting a ‘girl-child’ thus, but still made him that coffee:)

Adulthood alters a lot of things and shuffles all our priorities, introduces new ones and pushes back some old ones into oblivion. But am happy that we ‘lived’ those days like there was no tomorrow:)

During one of those lazy vacations (which I so miss now!), we had a lot of fun translating a few Tamizh cine songs to Tanglish! He came up with this translation and the fact that I still remember it goes to show how popular it was among us! Looking back, it kind of sounds a little silly perhaps, but we laughed our guts out that day!

Here’s how it goes:)

(Kuzhaloodhum Kannanukku – from Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu)

Flute blowing kannannukku,
nightingale singing songu hearing-aa
cuckooo, cuckooo, cuckooo, cuckoo

This voice-odu machan
your flute music -challenging-aa
cuckooo, cuckooo, cuckooo, cuckoo

Leaf-odu flowerum
head-shake see-eee
leaf-odu flowerum- fruitum
head-shake see-eee , see-ee

Mountain- air blowing podhu
jasminnu singing-aa
dark-cloudsu gatherum time-u
peacockku dancing-aa

If you liked it, well I take the credit for posting it here and ‘popularizing’ it, but if brickbats are coming my way, am going to gladly pass it on to him! By the way, both are welcome! And would also love to hear about the little things that added infinite mirth and color to your holidays with near/dear ones!

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