Roles reversed

Varun has hit the tantrum-throwing peak .. I run out of all ideas of handling the fellow which, by default, includes ignoring.. He has somehow figured out that ignoring is a tactic.. So, he makes it a point to remember that he is in the ‘eye’ of the tantrum and continues with gusto..

Amma wants to give the vaandu one tight slap on his little bum, but decides to resist the urge for a little more while.. and then the amma also throws a fit and bawls loudly- the act complete with shaking hands, legs and all that..

Varun forgets what he is doing and freezes in 2 nano seconds.. Absolutely clueless about what amma is up to!

Amma does a mental ‘well done vidya’ pat to the self.. And..

Amma: Enakku andha jeench dhaan venum – I want only that pair of jeans..

Varun is a sight now with crocodile tears and one drop about to fall.. The expression on his face is priceless.. a suggestion of a smile, a twinkle in the eye, ashamed a little, but still angry and grumpy with a moist cheek which is now streaked with a little nose goo because of his rubbing his palm hard against his nose.. I wonder if he even cries through his nose:) And then..

Varun: Enna? – What? (still rubbing his nose and eyes..)

Amma: I want that blue jeans..

Varun: Adhu eerama ikku – its wet..

Amma: No, I want only that jeans..

Varun: (slightly reddens).. Adhu vachalle olandhundu ikku -its drying outside

Amma: (triumphant, but more shaking of head..) Ille, adhaan venum.. No, I want only that!

Varun: Ippo potunda, joram varum – You’ll catch fever if you wear it now.

Amma: Fever vandha enna aagum?– What’ll happen if I catch fever?

Varun: Vomit varum. coldu varum. cough-u varum. You’ll catch cold, cough and you’ll puke. He has forgotten about the tantrum by now:)

Amma: (making a sad face) Appo enna pannardhu – So, what do do now?

Varun: Naalaikku payskool-kku pottukalam sheriya? You can wear it to play school tomorrow, ok?

Amma: Double okay!!

So, for any tantrum, this is the treatment.. Has worked for nearly a week now… He’ll crack it anytime now.. I have to find newer tricks.. Anything up your sleeves?

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