Less Tenali-ness

Meet my little Tenali here and here. He seems to find his Dr.Kailash in different people, in different circumstances.. Circumstances are indeed our best teachers!

Less than 2 weeks ago, I called in to inform the kids that I’d be home late from work.. Vyas took the message and it was around 5.00 PM. He had picked this day to device a knee-tied-hop game where he’d fold his leg at the knee and tie a hand-kerchief to keep the fold in-tact.. He’d remain that way as long as it allowed him:) He hopped across to patti’s room, passed on the info of my being home late, and was hopping his way back and in a conscious attempt to avoid stumbling over, well, he stumbled and fell against the arm of the sofa and had a deep cut just half an inch from his left eye.. He realized only after a few minutes that the blood was oozing from the cut and relayed it to his grandma, who promptly informed the parents as grandpa was not around.. So what was going to be a long day at work, became a short one and we got his eye checked first to assess if there could be any damage, and then proceeded to suture it up. Thankfully it needed only one stitch as the length of the cut, though deep, was just over a cm… It was even more fortunate that his spectacles did not break and pierce his eye/skin..

While the patti was trying to persuade him to go with her to the doc, the boy refused.. He would not go with his aunt (SIL) and is supposed to have maintained that he was fine. He was getting annoyed by the minute because he thought that his grandma was worrying unnecessarily for ‘nothing’! He dabbed the area with a wet hand-kerchief and lay still to stop the bleeding and was nearly fine by the time I reached home with tiny drops trickling from the cut if he sat up.. More than the pain inflicted by the injury, he seemed hurt (or ashamed?) that I was not cross with him for bringing it upon himself despite my warning him of the sharp edges.. Even I never thought that it could cut into the flesh.. but things happen..

He was visibly relieved when I asked him if it hurt and told him not to worry.. While we were at the Doc’s for suturing, the big boy observed that some good has come of the whole episode and sounded bookish when saying -” Ma, I have learnt my lesson. I will never ever play such silly and risky games again” and rolled his eyes! I told him I was happy he’d realized but falling and getting hurt during play is a part of growing up.. I’d not be worried if he got hurt when playing with his friends in the park or playground, when playing cricket or anything under the sky.. but certainly must be more watchful inside the house (though the house is sparsely furnished and I prefer an empty maidhaan). Varun is deeply thrilled at having mastered the art of jumping from the sofa onto the bean-bag, thanks to the anna! A long jump from the staircase, furniture etc are risky and Varun still does not understand risks.. He nodded vigorously in agreement but followed it up with, “But ma, you know what? This has helped me overcome my fear of injections and sutures. They don’t scare me any longer”:))

PS: The wound has healed, but the scar remains which am sure will eventually fade over time ..

Tenali – Bhayam 1

“Ellaam siva mayam endru solluvaargal. Aanaal, enakku ellaam bhayamayam” is a fitting intro to the other (Tenali) side of my otherwise brave boy Vyas:)

Vyas had a regular visitor peeking at him from the wall whenever he stepped into the loo. No, not lizards, cockroaches or the like. It was Kamsa with a ‘golden gadhai’ or the mace! “Amma, please stand guard at the door” he used to plead.

Me: How can he? Isn’t he dead?
Vyas: I don’t know. He comes and grins evilly.
Me: Smile back or kick him then.
Vyas: I can’t! Am scared.
Me: It’s your imagination. You are imagining it because you have been watching/reading the story of Krishna!
Vyas: But I also watch Ben10!
Me: You are probably thinking about the inexorable ways of Kamsa?
Vyas: It’s all because of that stupid prophecy!
Me: Of his death?
Vyas: Yesssss. Why was he warned about Devaki’s child?
Me: Ummm… (I too wonder why…)
Vyas: He would not have killed all those babies at least!
Me: You have a point. But first things first. Are you done?
Vyas: Wait till I flush!

Varun’s coming has somehow magically relieved us of the role of ‘Dwarapalakas’. The little one now plays that part instead:) Yes, he stands guard right from the time the anna brushes his teeth, till he packs up his books late in the evening after his school work and puts off the light in his room! “Aei Varun, anna kooda andha room-kku variyada?” the elder one would ask if he has to get to his room after dusk. The little one is ever obliging and trots after (or sometimes leads) the anna!! A sight to behold.

PS: Do share your side of the stories!