Grey Matter

… An issue the mother and son discussed. A subject that must have been brought up at least after 10 years from now.. Or so I assumed.. But it happened.. And there was no way I could work around the question so serious.. It deserved only a direct answer.. Nothing like ‘you will understand when you grow up’ sort of answer. Because the boy is old enough to understand the laws of nature…

Vyas was peeping down from the upper berth of the train- a return journey from a trip to the North.

Vyas: Now that there is sunlight, am able to spot a few grey here and there. I mean, your hair.. (And he was not even wearing his spectacles… The little brother had helpfully broke the frame..)

Me: Oh that?! Ummm.. err.. yes… grey it is…

Vyas: Amma, are you getting old?

Me: Yes.. You know everyone ages.. (brilliant knowledge sharing I know…)

Vyas: Ummm.. So you will become a patti soon? I mean, like when I go to college?

Me: Maybe. Maybe (hayyyodaa!)

Vyas: Amma, why don’t you colour your hair?

Me: Let me think about it.. (???!!!$$$###)

The bane of having to wade through the thirties I tell ya!!!

So what say you ladies/gentlemen with a grey here and there? To be or not to be?