Tween Syndrome?

Having a sane conversation for anything more than 10 minutes with the older one, is now becoming an exercise in patience. Its hard to tell if he is being serious when saying something or is taking me for a jolly ride.

Am amazed at the infinite capacity of his memory that stores and processes the names of characters, the events, the history etc and retrieves the details when queried in a nano second. The same database becomes dysfunctional when it has anything to do with academics. Sunday, 9.00 PM is the hour when something ticks and he realizes he has a project to do, an assignment to complete, a lesson to study for a spot test!

Besides, all his expressions and words are borrowed straight out of a book that he is reading at the time of the conversation πŸ™‚

Typical conversations:

Me: Pattu, you aren’t staying focused. I have told you a 1000 times that it is not about what you score. It is about the effort you put in. Spend just 30 minutes, but concentrate!

Vyas: (Silence. Eyes wide open and rounded for that effect. Mouth drawn into a forced pout)

Me: Do you feel good about yourself when taking an incomplete work to school?

Vyas: (Same expression, but shrugs)

Me: (Edgy by now): Stop getting on my nerves, ok?!

Vyas: I don’t know why am like this ma. Maybe ADHD?


Me: Did you complete that exercise (from a workbook)?

Vyas: (Hands on his hips, eyebrows raised beyond the frames of his glass)Ma, are you serious? You are talking to me about studies in the dead of the night? Ufff! (Rolls eyes).

The time during this convo is 9.00 PM)


I go ‘Arggghh’ over something (irritable of course) he does.

Vyas: Now, why do you snort in derision?


Vyas: I don’t want milk!

Me: Vyas, you know…. (doesn’t let me finish)

Vyas: I know! It has protein, it has calcium. It is good for the bones. Growing children need to have at least 2 cups….No, thank you! Have had enough! Milk I mean! (pause). And you know milk has the highest % of contamination in our city! We must source it from Pondichery where the quality is better.

Me: Thanks. Saves me the effort! Go starve! hmpf!


I concede defeat.

On being girls and friends

A convo:

Vyas to dad/me: You know what?

Dad: What?

Vyas: K has a girl friend *rolls his eyes* (K is his classmate)

Dad: Oh ok.. Good!

Vyas: What good? (a little annoyed)

Dad: C’mon, you have girl friends too, right?

Vyas: No. Some of my friends are girls. They are not my girl friends.. And I don’t have any..

Perhaps not just yet?!

I catch him grinning sheepishly when he is reading Harry Potter, and ..

Me: Hey, what is the joke..

Vyas: Nothing… (and continues to read with that expression)

Me: Tell me da.. Its so long since I read that I’m forgetting it all..

Vyas: Ayyo.. nothing.. its that Ron and Lavender acting funny..

Me to myself: Idhu onakku thevaya (Why the hell did you have to ask!)

Sigh… By virtue of having read the entire HP series in 45 days flat, my boy is officially a grown-up πŸ™‚

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