Golu 2010- Bhakthi Pazham!

Surprise, surprise! All, but the tiniest V of the house were ready for a 10% damage this season. Varun disappointed us by behaving well!! Our hearts skipped a beat when he first lifted a bommai from the 1st box we opened saying ‘haaaii, choopaa ‘ (hai, super), only to drop it in a box nearby. The bommai apparently is made of some mud for there wasn’t a single scratch! Fortunately, there was no repeat performance!

Varun was the priest-in-chief with thatha as his chief aide for the morning poojas. His recitation in front of all the assorted assembled deities with the brass bell ringing non-stop in his hands went thus: “Onn namo naaanaanaa. onnuninnenna, thamathimo….” with a thousand similar words from his dialect, followed by prostrating a couple of times every half-an-hour that he was awake!! During the nights, he insisted on replacing mommy for the harathi. He followed patti’s instruction and held one side of the plate with the patti on the other, and performed the harathi like a pro! All the bommais have crept back into the loft, unscathed:) And you know what the big anna had to say? “Amma, Varun has behaved well no? Just like me!”

The new additions this time were the Krishna pot-breaking (uriyadi) set, and 4 ladies playing dayakattam (dice?)

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I wanted to click pics of the daily rangoli but managed to click only 3.


Now be nice and share your side of Navarathi stories:)