French and V.I.P

Moving beyond Blytons and Dahls is, but a small sign of growing up. And so are other obvious signs of comparing changes in height, weight, acquiring new tastes etc. Vyas however seems to measure his ‘growing-up’ a little differently.

We had to get things ready for school this academic year and the list included new pairs of uniforms, shoes, and inner-wear. When the dad and son stepped inside a shop to buy the inner-wear, our little man seems to have declared that he is now a big boy. So no more kids under-wears with pictures of Power Rangers or Ben 10. Only V.I.P Frenchie!

And by virtue of his attaining the ‘Big Boy’ status, the moment he returned home from the shop, he promptly announced the entire household in person plus his cousin Keshu over phone that he has graduated to wearing V.I.P jetties! Keshu appears to have commended his choice and is himself contemplating the switch!

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