Mazhalai – A toy-train ride nearly coming to an end!

1. Varun is fast outgrowing his mazhalai and seems to comprehend every spoken word at home and manages to communicate anything and everything. He has to say something even if he does not understand. For instance:

Amma: What is your name? (I ask in English)
Varun: Vaaashisshanaem (he says in answer)

2. His English vocab is for now restricted to:

1. Wait (says with a long drawl)
2. getthup (get up)
3. No, no, no
4. gethchet-go (get set go)
5. cumm eeyah (come here)
6. Sith (sit)

besides few rhymes, title songs etc..

3. The little Vs and amma treated themselves to a pizza a few weeks back, when the dad was out of town with his friends. On his return, Varun had this to tell him and says it even now every time appa is back from work:

Varun: Appa, peeesaa saatomaeee… (appa, we ate pizzas- says it in a sing-song fashion)
Appa: Enakku? (for me)
Varun: Naalekki vaaintharaennn (will get you one tomorrow, and we’ve made sure that tomm never comes!)

4. During the Ooty trip, a colleage G, was made the ‘strict uncle’ who’d tell (on amma’s request of course) Varun not to roam around for a long time without his footwear, and gulp down the food given without a fuss. I continued using G’s name the following week even at home.

Amma: Saaptudu kanna, illenna G uncle-kku kovam varum. Inge vara porar (eat or G will come now)
Varun: (looks towards the door and calls out):G unkallll, cheeekamma vaanga (G uncle, come soon)
Amma: $$$$@@@????!!
Varun: ummm, nee chaaapudhu maa. G uncle vara pora.. vandhu adi kudhupa (hurry up, you better eat now or G is going to beat you!)

5. He was walking on all fours the other day like his Vandalur counterparts.

Amma: Varun, enna pannare? (what are you trying to do?)
Varun: (after a 2-sec pause): amma, naan anilu maa (ma, i am a squirrel – inspired by the ramu/somu squirrels he sees everyday on the mango tree)
Amma: Achacho! Apadiya chellam?
Varun: Marathule ikken maa (i am on the tree ma!)
Amma: Apparam?
Varun: Naan padhandhu padhandhu poren maa (am flying away ma)
Amma: Oh, Anil parakkuma (Oh, does the squirrel fly?)
Varun: (thinks for another 2 seconds and exclaims) Amma, naanu kaakka maa! padhandhu poven maa!!

The other Vs are zapped at this sudden change of mind:)

6. And then this:

Varun: apppaaaaaa, vaasanaaa podhu (put vasana)

We all went through a rigorous stress test before we finally understood what ‘vasana’ meant. He wanted us to play the video of ‘Hosanna’ song from Vinnai thaandi Varuvaaya!

Despite being a thorough-Silambarasan-hater, I love this song! Begin the weekend too with a smile: