Who is the anna?



A scene which is going through rinse-repeat cycles at home:

Me: (screaming at Vyas for some half-baked job- usually not clearing up his books mess, incomplete school work, not clearing up the bed etc)Vyas, this is the nth time I’m telling you to sort this mess!

Varun: Ammaaaa, anna-ve merattadhe! (amma, don’t threaten anna. and says that authoritatively wagging a finger at me!)
Varun again: (Turns to his anna and says): Anna, nee samathha padi-da (Anna, be a good boy and study. says it in a cajoling, sing-song manner!)

Varun: Anna, unku odambu charilliyaaa? (anna, are you not well?)
Vyas: Yes da.
Varun: Feveraa (Do you have fever?)
Vyas: Ummm..
Varun: Crocin chaapudu. sayya poidum. (Have crocin. You’ll be alright!)
Me: Varun, come here and empty your plate.
Varun: Yenakku vaendaam (I don’t want)
Me: Varun, be a good boy. Illenna, ammakku kovam varum. (Or I’ll be angry).
Varun: O-ho! Iru! (and looks out of the door for someone and calls out.) Bhoodham, inge vaa. Vandhu amma-ve merattu! (Beckons the devil to come and threaten me. says it in all earnestness!)

Me:(pointing at a tyre): Varun, what is that?

Varun: Circle!!
Me: Good, that is its shape. What is it?
Varun: Round!!!
Me: (not giving up yet..) Super. You are right. You are talking about the shape. But what is the object? Idhu enna?
Varun: (looks into my eyes for 5 full seconds and draws a circle in the air and says..) Idhu dhaan (It is this!)
I gave up.

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