Small Savings Big Dreams!

Winnie-the-phooh is one happy, nicely fed, big-sized kiddy bank. He is the owner’s pride. Vyas takes care of Winnie by feeding him with the ‘disowned’ coins in the house and with a lot of Rupee notes sourced from grand-parents, aunts, uncles and sundry. Before Winnie entered his life, there was another little over-fed porcelain boy. It needed just one more coin to burst him. That was when my friend Rajavel gifted this kiddy bank to Vyas, which he bought on one of his trips abroad. In hindsight, I think Raj should have gifted himself one too for reasons best known to him:-)

Vyas has developed a penchant for saving ever since this bank arrived and we are very happy at the progress both are making:-) The curiosity bug bites me often and I ask him what he plans to do with the money he saves. He comes up with different answers each time. Am listing a few that I remember:

The happy bank1. Will save ‘enough’ money so that we can visit the UK and take a ride on the famed Thomas The Tank Engine train. He sourced the train information from the net when he was at some games in the Thomas… website.

2. Build a house each for his parents, grand-parents and for himself. And he’ll build it with his own hands.

3. Cars fascinate him. And so, he is going to save ‘lots and lots’ of money to buy a BMW top-open!! Even the idea of buying over a dozen Nanos in place of a BMW did not appeal to him.

4. A laptop all for himself. He can load his favorite games, and google for Power-rangers videos which is banned at home!

5. And this is the second best: He will use it to fund his business! He will design and sell a computer called ‘GENIUS’ which will be like Windows. He will set up a shop from where people can buy Genius. He will also provide a variant called JAEFFER, like Vista or Windows 7 he says!! I have no clue from where he invented these names! And his brother Varun can join him and together they will set up a huge establishment with glass doors et al!!

6. This is the best and my favorite. And a practical one. He wants me to set up a small library for him in our house. The library must have nice sliding glass doors. The lower racks will have books for his tiny brother so that he can reach easily. He will use the rest of the space to stock his collection!

While the mommy in me wants every one of his dreams realized, am seriously considering helping him with the last one. Will come back and tell you guys when it is ready.

Dream more dreams dear son for, sky is the limit! And follow them too…

Inspired by ‘The Famous Five’

Yet another moment that indicated Vyas is ‘really’ the big brother was his graduating from comic-reading to short novels, his favorites being The Famous Five and The Secret Seven (Enid Blyton).

Well, like everything else in life, his book reading habit has brought its own share of positives and ‘not-so-positive’ consequences (no negatives though!). He is thoroughly enjoying the adventures of the famous five and he too wants to be a part of such adventures and claims to be as courageous as the super kid, Julian. But visiting the bathroom alone after 7.00 PM has nothing to do with courage. So someone has to stand guard! He has the bathroom door closed of course! Acquainting himself with strangers and being at ease is not important either. One just needs the knack of identifying the ‘wrong-doer’ and the ability to deliver a kick in the villian’s butt and claims he is that material:-)

I understand how such things inspire kids. But what I was not prepared for was this. He suddenly announced one day that he has wished God for another sibling and this time it must be a girl! I simply asked him to ‘un-wish’ and put such wishes to rest and literally threatened him to never ever wish for more and that the two of them were ‘blessings’ enough! Tough nut that he is, he wouldn’t budge. He insisted that I ‘listen patiently’, while his wish still had me in a stupor and thoroughly shaken! He wished for a sister to create a famous five team here. He is Julian, his little brother is Dick, and the girl-to-come will be Anne! I asked him how the team will be complete without Georgina. He had the plan well chartered out. He has wished for a girl to be born to his uncle. Wait, the wish does not end there. That girl, his cousin, should desire to be like a boy and she must also rear a dog and call it Timothy!!! UUfff!!! Now its my turn to pray and wish. Wish that Anne part of the wish goes unheard and Georgina part comes true. Not worried about Timothy yet. That’s for his uncle, aunt, and George to figure out!!

Awaiting more surprise packages from my ‘dreamer-son’ and totally clue-less about what to expect from the 7 month old toddler-sweetheart who at the moment is vying for attention… Looonng lovely way to go..

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