And now, for some Khel Ratna

The extra dark pencils seemed to wear off too soon for my liking and Vyas clinging to the 1.5 inch of what remains of the used pencils, stuffing them into his pencil box obsessively without trashing them was even more weird. Till a few months back, he’d want to change pencils everyday- either he’d lose them in class or would simply look for an excuse saying the pencil is too light- and a demo would follow. The lead (the graphite stick in pencils) will just about make contact with the paper, and he’d trace a ghost for letters to convince me that the pencil was bad.

A chance discovery a couple of weeks back helped put the puzzle pieces in place. Afterall, the pencils (and erasers) have more use than what meets the eye. You could make a Galaxy Pegasis, a Fire Sagiterrio, a Storm/Lightening Pegasis, or an Earth Eagle.. Yes, a planet of possibilities. If you are hearing these names for the first time here, welcome to the exciting, not so expensive world of easy-peasy, makeshift Beyblades!

Create from waste is out; waste to create is in! The pencils were/are drilled again and again and again and serve higher purposes- the making of pocket friendly Beyblades. The hooks are broken when they are a centimeter in size and the sharp edge is thrust into the center of a Natraj eraser, and lo! the Beyblade is ready!

The atmosphere during the breaks in the classroom is charged- the self-appointed teams with cheer groups contest for power. Its caught on like a virus and I’ve heard reports on shortage of pencils and a particular type of erasers..

The making:

Harbor no doubts on if this will work.. errr.. spin..It works like a song! The mommy and daddy had a small induction course on, well, how to spin. The dad received a ‘OK’ certification after say 5 trials, and the mom got a ‘somewhat OK’ after 7 trials. While we 3 were at this, thatha was entrusted with the job of keeping lolly-polly Varun at bay.

Here’s the champ at work. The chant goes like this: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, let it rip!

The mom was too too impressed and conferred the Khel Ratna on her son instantly. In return, the son bestowed the ‘Mother of Khel Ratna‘ on the hapless mommy, who by the way is seriously contemplating taking this game to the corporate world!!

PS: Pliss to excuse the video quality.. Old-gen mobile phone camera it is..

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

18 thoughts on “And now, for some Khel Ratna”

  1. Local bambarathha aaanalum export reject range’ku project panreengappa.. BTW the simplicity of the idea is brilliant

  2. @ Swar: Hey, cool! The kids will worship you:)

    @ LR: Exactly- Re-inventing wheel-nnu idhe thaan sonnangalo?!!

    @ Chatterbox: Yes, some special brain wiring I guess..

    @ Ani: Yes, Varun has learnt how best to disrupt anna’s work- official or otherwise;)

    @ Uma: The ‘Pro’ is beaming at the comment:)

    @Pallavi: Yes, they are mighty expensive and at some point was kind of status symbol among the kids!!

    @Charu: All the best…

  3. ha ha ha….how we learn somethings from our kids na ???? just love his way of doing things. πŸ™‚

    And congrats on ur Khel ratna award. Glad u did ok in 7 trials, to save face. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Vidya,

    Same is the scene with Karthik. Bored of getting him eraser boxes. Just a few weeks ago, Vignesh, my elder one found out that Karthik not only does these bey blades for him self, but also makes a few for his friends on request!!

    1. @UmaS: Thanks Uma for acknowledging the Khel Ratna!

      @Abi: I thought the Camera was Vijesh’s totem?!! Hmmmm.. Something to do with the boys names starting with V methinks:)

      @Uma: Its not a rumour then! That clearly explains the stationery shortage in most parts of Chennai:)

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