Introducing another poet..

This is by my dearest Aashi.. Tinkle overdose surely 😉

My wonderful dream..

When I was sleeping late at night
I heard someone call my name
I opened my eyes and saw
Suppandi, sitting on his watch,
Saying” iam on time!”

I looked around, to find
Raghu looking very sad
And Tantri creating a bomb!
Doobdoob and Chamataka
How happy for once, together!

Kaliya, Keechu and Meechu
Were not far behind!
Shambu, standing with his gun
And Shanti, still behind him
Pyarelal and Lajawanthini
Tapping on my head, lightly
Kapish standing with Pinto
And smiling with Singal and Peelu

When I opened my eyes for real
They all whispered goodbye!!!
What a wonderful dream, it was
Will I ever meet them all again???

Another one from his kitty..

Fluffy, the naughty puppy

Fluffy the naughty puppy,
Is a very cute puppy
When he has a day to himself
He plays ninepins himself.

When on the stairs he tries a trick
From his owner he gets a whip
And when his owner lets him go
For the breakfast, he does a bow.

With not a bark at night so dark,
The naughty puppy has his laugh.
Fluffy the naughty puppy
Goes running down the lane all day long!

–by Vyas

Why, oh why is it always a dog or a fish or a ball..? He responds with, “Why not?”!!

‘The Piranhas’ – by the sonny

Note: You know what it is to write just for the sake of writing? THIS!

The little piranhas just go snap,
At the sight of a prey in lap.
In just three minutes flat,
The little piranhas go snap, snap snap.

If you dip your finger in a lake full of piranhas
Your finger’s flesh just hang out right.
The only fear the piranhas really have,
Are that of blue whales which swallow their like.

I wouldn’t like to dip my hand,
In a bucket full of those snappy-snappers.
If you would like to dip yours in a bucket of piranhas
Just contact me flat, flat, flat..

– By Vyas

He has to end it like that- By Vyas and all that! And what he would do if anyone contacts him, am sure even he has no clue!

PS: He tells me that the English teacher had asked them all to write a poem. So, he chose to write about Piranhas of all things!


A ceaseless clash of emotions
-am scared out of wits
A run, or is it a chase?
Why is it that I always run?
Or chase?
I know its out of fright
Fear of what?
I know not!
Fears, shocks, uncertainty
knocking at the doors-
each alternating, competing..
Still I hold on to a tag
On which is printed ‘Hope’
And there two arrows sprout
one pointing ahead
another behind
Behind me was a grave,
Ahead, a shrine
Yes. I must look forward
Never behind!


Written eons ago, on a dark day
Heart so heavy- like rock
Heavy with despair
Grief (untold) so deep
With roots nowhere

Cause yet un-found
unable to trace the source
it surely is grief profound
Mind unarmed to stand the force

Transparent film over the eyes
A wink sufficient to roll it down
With that, the feeling melts like ice
And in the river of strength, it drowns.


Note:- Just in case you had not taken my warning seriously:) And no, what follows does not begin with delight nor does it end in wisdom.. Still sharing..

Silence enfolds me
Darkness – my company
I fear to move
Soul too dreary..
Complaints of solitude
I’ve not made
Nor of dizziness
But I’ve felt it-Always
Others tell me I’m cold
Inconsiderate, and free
Free of all emotions..
I tell them this
I tell them “none”
I’m none of it.
I crave for love
Passion in me is flame
I care for and want
To be cared
I struggle to see
Through watery blur
And tell myself
T’is not easy
Not even the Silence..
Not, unless all let me BE!


Written long ago, so long ago that nobody knows how long ago. Maybe when I was 15/16..:)Though there isn’t any congestion in the chest right now, it still isn’t all that outdated (for me). Digging into the archives now and will be posting a few. Yeah, that is supposed to be a warning:)

You’ve stolen into my heart
You pervade me
I bid you goodbye
But you refuse to leave
And stay by
I want to bathe you in tears
But you are never drenched
I wish I could melt you
sometimes I do too!
Only to come back-a solid lump again
Never to be destroyed
Perhaps never again
I tried to laugh you away
But you mock at me!
What else can I do
To put you at bay?
Please leave me! I pray!

Girl, Woman, Mother

I sent up a silent thanks to my parents for letting their two daugthers bloom into mothers and live to see the world ‘celebrate’ Women’s Day!

Something inside me turned on reading this poem by my sis!

Girl Child

    Compulsory imprisonment in the gaol called womb,
    Undeserving definitely,
    Yet no voice in uproar.

    The day of release announced,
    Creation of Tiny Mother known;
    When arrival assured, milk from creepers ooze!

    Merely a-day-old Mother,
    Her tears run in parallel streams
    Her lullaby termed ambiguous.

    And finally the day of doom postponed
    For the arrival of Unholy Monk.

    Oh Monday, How unfortunate!
    He clutches her pale tiny fingers,
    She’s dazed; Her long lashes flutter. . .

    Her pale pinkness hides behind blue
    As though poisoned sugar in purest milk.

    A loud cry let out by the mother
    In reply, the Girl Child lets out her breath. . .

    Mankind! Don’t nip her as a bud
    Or, you have murdered a mother.

    -by Nithya Chander

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