Bangalore days and some more..

Deepavali back then meant my paternal grandma’s formula ‘legiyam’ or ‘lehyam’, my mom’s Mysore pak , rangolies, crackers, and tailored dress for the sis and I from the same cloth or at least of the same design but with different colors on them! The biggest work item assigned to us on this day would be to distribute sweets to all our neighbors in our colony, and that we did happily .

A few of my friends from our colony and I would collect empty ‘Waterbury’s Compound Red Label’ bottles and stash them away in a secret place to be used during Diwali. The open playground outside our row of houses used to be heaven. I was notorious back then too and have had very close misses with the abuse of crackers. My favorite prank was to snuff the narrow mouth of the Waterbury’s bottle’s with the rockets and pull just the wick out. The cracker would snugly fit in the mouth like a cork. The bottle would explode to pieces when the cracker burst.  I must’ve been pretty lucky because there were no accidents except once when a piece flew straight at me and tore my forearm slightly the last Diwali we were in Bangalore. Of course my parents were not aware that it was me and were busy heaping curses on some random rowdy kids resorting to such deadly pranks. I’d go mute too and so would all the partners in crime! Life since Bangalore days seems fast-forwarded!

Diwali makes me all nostalgic. Somehow, no Diwali after Bangalore ones have been the same. I guess growing up makes you all boring and serious at times J Crackers are not interesting anymore. New clothes are fine, but yeah, it is available more easily as opposed to the days when birthdays used to be the only other occasion that commanded the same respect. Sweets and savories are consumed with a touch of guilt too. Again, these are not restricted any more to occasions like Diwali or wedding. There are more special occasions now than the normal days, so much so that normal days start feeling special and you feel the need to celebrate!

But then, growing up also hurls you into another phase where you realize you are fortunate to be where you are, to be surrounded by your loved ones, to know that the other dear ones are just a call or email away and they’d be thinking and talking about you just the way you do about them, that you are free to be who you are than to be what the others expect of you, that you can fight tooth and nail to defend your thoughts and actions and not be judged for it, that you are blessed with a sense to accept your loved ones with all the dents, fractures, plasters, and their beautiful hearts just like how you are accepted..

Growing up also makes us (ok, at least me!) sentimental! Happy Diwali to you, all the wonderful people I’ve known. May this Diwali and every other Diwali light up your lives with good health, positive thoughts, and abundant joy. Always.

Holi Hai!

My earliest memory of Holi is the one in Mumbai when I was 5 and my sis was 1. We both were dressed in white ‘Punjabi’ dress and carried ‘pichkaaris’ spraying colors on other kids from the colony, all running in a circle one behind the other! Another memory attached to the white dress was both of us falling into a gutter in an attempt to cross it to watch a football match with my dad!! We survived in spite of swallowing whatever the running water in that gutter carried. That tells something about both of our immune systems:)

I can’t think of Holi without thinking about ‘Rangu barse bheege‘ from Silsila.. Whattay number!! What say you people?

Do you have any special memories of Holi?

Leaving you with these pics of a chart Vyas and I did recently. I drew the pics on scrap papers. This was when Master Vyas was uttering sheer blasphemy to the dad on what a pest amma is, while sitting and not particularly watching the match in Chepauk stadium. Of course he waxed eloquent on how wonderful his amma is the moment he came home and caught sight of the drawing!

The shapes were cut out and stuck onto a black chart after coloring with oil pastels. Picture idea courtesy: Tell Me Why magazine dated a few years back:)

Happy Holi Weekend!

One of those days when I wished I could fly too….

A corner near the reception desk in my office looks like this a day before a long weekend. Most birds (free birds) are scooting home for the Pongal holidays and I so wish to pack my bags and fly. And this is just one corner in a block. There are few others with more number of back-packs!! Disadvantage of having all your folks in the same city:(


Happy Shankaranthi/Pongal People!

Signing off with a pic of Pongal nearing the ‘ponging’ stage last season:)

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