Guns of (Na)Varun

Much to the mommy’s chagrin, the little man fancies guns among other things. He also thinks shooting is kinda cool 😦 When I try and make him see how it is all wrong, he is quick to clarify that there is good shooting and bad shooting. When police aims at the thieves or the ‘bad mens’, it is good shooting. When ‘bad mens’ shoot police or at the ‘good peoples’, well , it is bad shooting. Phew!

The sacrifice mommy has made so far includes a brand new Oriflame kajal stick. The kajal now adorns the walls as ‘black- arts’, and the case is now a part of the many pieces of random objects that go into assembling a gun. Yes, he has taken a fancy to making guns, mostly using clothes clips, pen caps, twigs, legos, et al. Here are some pics of what he created. Mommy now thinks guns need not always be lethal, but can just be beautiful.









A bird collage

Pictures of the one we (Vyas and I) did recently for his school activity.. Amma did the basic drawing. He had to use items used in cooking. So, we used coriander and cumin seeds, fine broken wheat for the body, toor dhal for feet, pepper for the eye and the title (Vyas’s idea:)), and chappathi dough for the outline, claws, and beak.

Drawing inspired by the above pic in Varun’s Big Book of Birds:) – A copy cat, yes!


An embossed painting I did around 3-4 years back:

(Linking up this painting to Shruti’s Artsy-Craftsy – June 2011)

Embossed Painting

And here is a picture of a few vegetable carvings we did 4 years back(Vyas and I) for a project in Vyas’s school. The veggies were tired posing for two full days, hence the drugged feel in the picture.

Bitter Gourd Crocodile, Beetroot Jewel box, and Bringal Penguin. Everything being a ‘B’ vegetable was just a coincidence.

Those were the non-blogging days and clicking a snap as soon as something got done was never a priority;) The mobile used to click the pic was a prehistoric one and the resolution wasn’t all that great. So, adjust maadi!

Pingu, Jewel box, Croc

Why post all these now? Was doing a system cleanup and found these pics hiding somewhere. So sharing here before I announce their EOL:)

Coconut Shell Craft

My son Vyas isn’t the ‘crafty’ kind and used to run away from crayons when he was in kindergarten classes! Somehow, he seems to be enjoying artsy-craftsy and has been volunteering to do the coloring all by himself:)

So here is to ‘Shruti -aunty’ from Vyas- a candle stand made out of coconut shell and another small painted mutka (pot) after licking away the last bit of Malai Kulfi in it:)

Candle Stand

What is South Indian cooking (specially Tamilnadu and Kerala) without coconuts? Two shells made it to our shelf instead of the dust-bin this time.


1. Two empty shells scrapped cleaned from inside and outside. My MIL grated the coconut and handed out the empty shells of different sizes. But the coconuts would not break into two neat halves just when you want them to! I dipped the shells in water and scrapped the outer surface using a peeler. Did not know a better way of doing it and no time to google!

2. Vyas colored the inside and outside of both the shells, one with green and the other with brown. I’d planned to put on metallic colors but the darling had left the bottles half open after previous use and what I found in the bottles were just the cakes!

3. I stuck the two shells using M-Seal!.

4. The rangoli like design on the shells is by me. I used fabric color with glue to paint the design.

The Mutka

Vyas insisted on coloring it red (fabric color) despite the color choices! Ne’er mind. The end product did look good:) Again, I made that flower design using M-seal and colored the leaves green and the buds yellow. Wanted to put some colored twigs with flowers made of sharpened pencil remains, but no time.

The final products

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