Goals in the life of a 9 yr old

Aashi, my feisty cherub had scribbled so in a diary:


What are your goals in life? What do you want to do/be?

My first memories of wishes I thought of is that I should work in a company like (I think it is home). When I went to 1st Std, I decided to be a librarian. This wish of mine continued for a year. Then I went to II std & decided to become a lawyer. When I went to III std, I wanted to become a doctor. Then I realized that I had to study too much, like, for example, how many bones, muscles I have which I don’t even care about. I decided to become a runner. Now, for the first time, I took a strong decision. I want to really become a stunt-woman one day. I am waiting for every second to for that single day.

Introducing another poet..

This is by my dearest Aashi.. Tinkle overdose surely 😉

My wonderful dream..

When I was sleeping late at night
I heard someone call my name
I opened my eyes and saw
Suppandi, sitting on his watch,
Saying” iam on time!”

I looked around, to find
Raghu looking very sad
And Tantri creating a bomb!
Doobdoob and Chamataka
How happy for once, together!

Kaliya, Keechu and Meechu
Were not far behind!
Shambu, standing with his gun
And Shanti, still behind him
Pyarelal and Lajawanthini
Tapping on my head, lightly
Kapish standing with Pinto
And smiling with Singal and Peelu

When I opened my eyes for real
They all whispered goodbye!!!
What a wonderful dream, it was
Will I ever meet them all again???

Strawberry Birthday!

My little dare-devil Aashi (clic for an intro : here and here) turned 7 last weekend and thinks its high time she took all the controls in her hands. With just a raise of her beautiful eyebrows, a straight eye contact, economic words (but to the point) and a rationed smile, she is all set to push that button on the remote and get her job done. Only thing that scares her is her periamma’s tight squeeze, countless kisses and the tickles. And the periamma doesn’t seem to get enough of it! Her b’day cake this time was gorgeous like her. It was an eggless fresh cream cake from French Loaf and it melted in the mouth..

Duddo, the responsible, sensitive, doting anna (the stark opposite of the little sis) is an artist in the making. Duddo drew lovely pictures/caricatures from books/TV, did an outline with a black marker, cut them out neatly, stuck each picture onto colorful scrap papers, and distributed them along with the return gifts my sis had got for the b’day party.

Here are a couple of pictures. Had I known earlier, I would have clicked a pic of all the 20 odd sheets he had done sitting through late in the night!

How eeeeeezzzz it?

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