We read

read-right1Anna, after thoroughly revising Harry Potter and re-revising and planning for yet another re-revision a few months from now, drowned himself for a period into the world of Percy Jackson amidst other things. To keep his reading pattern consistent, he did a he few revisions of PJ as well. It was then the turn of Artemis Fowl to suffer at the anna’s hands. The thambi therefore is always abreast of what the anna is reading.

A book I was reading was lying on a chair. Varun walks past the book, retracts, casually picks up the book, frowns, makes an attempt to read. He does. “Ennadhu.. (what is this….)? Artaeeeemis Fowl”. Drops the book back on the chair and walks on contended.

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

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