The blue-thing!

I’m too tempted to do an elaborate compare & contrast between Vyas and Varun. I’d start with,  well, never mind!

There is this terrible urge to tear my hair when I fail (miserably) in explaining to the soon-to-be 3 elf that the same jeans cannot be worn for 3 continuous days! How do you all manage to do it? That is, without resorting to a tight spank or without screaming your head off?

His favourite slim-fit blue jean is the beeeg trump card to get any tough job done. Like getting him eat his ‘rasam saadham’ or not to take away anna’s books when he is pretending to study and is anxiously waiting for his chella-thambi, his Perseus, to deliver him from his misery called amma. Anna is all for returning the favour and says that it’s perfectly OK to wear the same jean for 2 or even 3 days at a stretch. “Style!” he emphasizes.

Picture this. Varun wakes up early on a Sunday morning and shakes amma out of the deep early-morning slumber that she so looks forward to the whole working week.

“Amma, jeans olandhuthaa?” (Is the jean dry now?)he asks. I try shooing him away, a totally useless effort! “Amma, naan gubboy ma. Chamatha brussh panniti kulipen. Aprom jeans pottukanam. aprom t-shat. aprom paal chaapannum” (I’m a good boy. I will brush, have a shower and then wear my jeans and t-shirt!). I have to curse everyone and everything that comes my way and drag myself out of the bed. More so because the brat will act all cuddly and insist that only I give him a bath. Not the dad who is happy to continue burying his face in the newspaper. Without even a fly disturbing him, hmpf!! I resist the urge to swat this big fly and oblige.

It takes no less than a world-war to peel it off him the following day before his bath. Unnecessary warfare and some bloodshed later, he changes into something and doesn’t take his eyes off the jeans till it makes it to the washing machine. The first thing he looks for as soon as he is back from the ‘payshkool’ is if the blue-thing is drying on the clothesline! From then on it takes a dozen trips to where the clothes are drying to keep a tab on the progress and assess the percentage of dryness. “Adhu olandhuthaa” he starts again and I thank the sun for setting! “Dho paar. Sun ille paar” I tell him and quickly sprinkle some water when he is looking at the sky. I convince him it will dry only the next morning when the sun rises. He isn’t all that convinced and puts his hand on the blue-thing and looks suspiciously at the fresh wetness, but doesn’t argue further. At the same time, he doesn’t want to take any chances. “Amma, adhe hanger-le pottu, room-le fan podu” (put it on a hanger and dry it in the room under the fan)! What if it rains the next morning?!! When the dad is back home, he wants him to confirm if it is dry yet. Appa has to continue the performance and so makes a sad face..”Ayyoo.. ille da. naalaikku morning ok?”! “Ummm..” says the little one and declares that its time to go to bed. He has THAT important job the next morning! At this point, the anna brilliantly suggests that I try the obliviate charm. The urge to swat the bigger fly comes back!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

29 thoughts on “The blue-thing!”

  1. hahahahha! Varun and R are long lost siblings..she has the SAME blue pair of jeans which under go the same inspection for dryness! oh God she is ready to wear the same thing EVERY DAMN DAY! and I do the same thing about it not being ononudified!!!
    uff these kids na..

    and remember that pink skirt you gave her..with the frills! that was a daily wear until it grew too short for her and I had to tell her that I can see your chaddis now STOP WEARING THEM…she is like ‘Vidya aunty doosra degi kya?’ Hey bhagwan!!!!

    I loved Varun’s logic of hanger mein daalo and fan on karo its so cute 🙂

    and oh this Vyas has stolen my heart with the obliviate ka idea…superb 🙂

      1. @RM : Am just waiting to make a trip to Mumbai.. Tell her she’ll get doosra and theesra as well:) All blog aunties are her big-time fans!

  2. Kids these days are too alert & sharp for there own good. lol @ u putting water on it again! What all we Mom’s are made to do to keep these brats in control re.

    1. @AK: but the same act every day is making me sober, hmpf!

      @Smita: see? how mean i have to be to retain sanity!

      @Swar: I really mean it Swar! He has the entire apartments empathizing with him!

      @garima: yeah, and the thing is, he is not old enough to understand that others lie to him;)

  3. Hey sis! By now I have told the whole world around me about the little V’s latest avtaar! He has quite a fan following, already. Beware of feb born romeos!!!!
    Finally had a chance to peep into your blog:-)

  4. Oh let him wear it to his hearts conent and get saturated V, unless you guys are enjoying the whole thing a bit too much and wanna keep it going:) Even some adults have that kind of a connection with the blue thing u know;)

    1. @Nitu: Finally! He has taken after his maternal aunt. what to do!!

      @ashok: hope you wash it before every use?!!

      @artihc: i understand the connection, but C, given the kind of chennai weather, the amount of rolling on the ground, and ‘bathroom games’, its bad that he wears it even a whole day.. trying to reason with him drives me nuts!

  5. ha ha ha… But he is just about 3 years old, I too have fav. Pajama & top and if it was possible, I’ll wear it daily…lol and I’m 30yrs old…

    1. @bhargavi: too much no?! wait, that day will come and it’ll be my turn to do ‘ha ha’ hmpf!

      @AT: you are uttering blasphemy girl! i’ll not tell abt this one aunt to V;)

      @AM: cute? you find that cute?!! argghhh!

  6. *evil grin*

    I know what to buy for him when i come home next time. he ha he ha.

    I may have sucked at picking gifts for vyas, but Varun is going to be totally floored. he ha he ha.

    ps : i laughed my guts out at the image of you having to sprinkle water, having to explain about the sun and having to wake up from sunday sleep. hahahaha!

    1. @Abi: First, you didn’t suck at picking a gift for Vyas. He has read the book twice:) May read it a few more times:) In Varun’s case, even if you clone the same blue thing, the little brat is going to refuse:) We took him to the same shop, bribed, cajoled to buy another one. “Enakku adhu mattum dhaan venum” he says!! For now, he will accept tons of ‘jeeraga mitai’. So there, you know what will floor the fellow now!

      @ Pallavi: You are ALIVE?!!! Pals, so nice to see you here after a loooong time.. I wish I was able to make it that day!!

      @Me: Enna sirippu?!!!

  7. wait till he hears of the thing called the ‘dryer’! this world war happens in our home too…… i now buy ONLY blue jeans for him, so u can imagine how boring the wardrobe is!!

    1. I’m glad its happening there too:) He hasn’t heard of a dryer yet but knows that the iron-box can do a little bit of magic;) Talk about boys wardrobe!!

  8. Naan petra thunbam peruga vidya!!!! facing the same blue jean pbm with annu too and finally got her three more blue jeans. unfortunately I missed a heart embroidery which was in the original one. so, back to square one, dryinnnnnnnnng it in ur shtyle!

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