On being girls and friends

A convo:

Vyas to dad/me: You know what?

Dad: What?

Vyas: K has a girl friend *rolls his eyes* (K is his classmate)

Dad: Oh ok.. Good!

Vyas: What good? (a little annoyed)

Dad: C’mon, you have girl friends too, right?

Vyas: No. Some of my friends are girls. They are not my girl friends.. And I don’t have any..

Perhaps not just yet?!

I catch him grinning sheepishly when he is reading Harry Potter, and ..

Me: Hey, what is the joke..

Vyas: Nothing… (and continues to read with that expression)

Me: Tell me da.. Its so long since I read that I’m forgetting it all..

Vyas: Ayyo.. nothing.. its that Ron and Lavender acting funny..

Me to myself: Idhu onakku thevaya (Why the hell did you have to ask!)

Sigh… By virtue of having read the entire HP series in 45 days flat, my boy is officially a grown-up 🙂

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

28 thoughts on “On being girls and friends”

  1. Ha ha, he is probably thinking – How on earth am I going to make amma understand all this complicated stuff ! 😀

  2. Hey Vidya, BTW did you try out Game of thrones? (Don’t give it to the boys.. its not for children)

  3. Errr…Errr…I missed commenting on this one thanks to the blog break

    1. He has R 😉

    2. Who asked you ask him..Gah!

    Even I had a silly grin on my face when I read about Harry kissing Ginny after the match…and then in the last book when Hermoine kisses Ron hehehe 🙂

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